Toyota Adopts Fujimi MIRAFLEX™ to Mirror-polish the New Century Body

Kiyosu City, Japan (Mar, 2024) – Fujimi Incorporated (Fujimi), a leading innovator in the polishing material industry, proudly announces that the Toyota Motor Corporation (Toyota), an automotive industry leader, has adopted our cutting-edge polishing compound MIRAFLEX™ in their production line of Toyota’s flagship model, the “New Model Century.”

The “New Model Century” achieves an unparalleled level of smoothness and gloss on its body paint surface through its unique “mirror polishing” process. MIRAFLEX™ is a polishing compound designed with our proprietary technology, developed through years of experience in high precision polishing. MIRAFLEX™ contributes to the realization of “mirror polishing using precise robotic polishing technology,” reproducing Toyota’s master craftsmanship.

It is a unique polishing compound for automotive bodies using proprietary abrasive particles (launched in 2022). It is compatible with various types of automotive coatings, achieving a balance between “quick finishing” and “high surface quality.”


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