Quality Assurance and Control


As a pioneer in the manufacturing of ultra-fine, precision graded abrasives and other ceramic particles, Fujimi is dedicated to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers.

We strive to be the quality leader in the industry and adhere to the highest quality standards.


Fujimi Quality Assurance and Quality Control Leads the Industry

The Fujimi Quality Assurance and Quality Control team is committed to maintaining our high quality standards and has established well-defined QC and QA processes, systems and metrics to ensure we deliver products that meet or exceed our customers’ quality expectations. As part of this high quality commitment, Fujimi takes a ship-to-control philosophy with both raw materials and finished products to ensure the highest quality products.

Key Elements

The Fujimi Quality System integrates recognized quality elements to provide for oversight of processes from development of products to the end use by the customer.


The Fujimi Corporation document control system is managed electronically for submission, approval and notification, as well as periodic review for accuracy.


Fujimi’s Process Control System begins before new products reach the factory floor. Our FMEA and Control Plans anticipate potential problems before production starts.

The use of SPC keeps key processes and parameters on target and when any abnormalities are detected, our excursion management system ensures they don’t impact our customers.

With Change Management, we have a formal approach to consider all continuous improvement projects.


High quality products

Reduced variation

Fast resolution of issues

Low costs

Continuous improvements with metrology, raw materials, and processes

Forecasted, documented, approved, implemented and validated changes