New Business Development


The New Business Development (NBD) team is at the forefront of innovation. The team is constantly conducting product research; examining emerging markets; identifying technology trends; and exploring ways to develop new, high-performance, and environmentally-conscious products.

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Whether it’s new applications for bead milling and spray drying or new markets for casting and splintering—the NBD team envisions and develops technologies that will lead the way into the future. NBD drives innovation by bringing together:

  • Key Ph.D. scientists and technicians with expertise in polishing, lapping, grinding and filling
  • Core technologies including abrasives, chemicals, filtration, and classification systems
  • High-purity equipment and energy-efficient manufacturing lines
  • Sustainable processes



A process of breaking solid materials into smaller pieces.

Grading and Classifying

A process of separating materials of different sizes to a target particle size distribution.

Spray Drying

A method of producing dry powder from slurry by drying with a hot gas.

Tape Casting

A casting process used in the manufacture of thin ceramic tape.


A method used to densify ceramic parts at high temperature.

Recycled Alumina Particles

Fujimi repurposes fine alumina particles for other applications.  Otherwise, the particles would go to a landfill.

Glow in the Dark Materials

A mixture of alumina powder and rare earth elements heat-treated with a novel sintering process to create phosphorescent materials. 


  • Ball milling of water insoluble materials
  • Wet classifying and grading with three independent production lines
  • Statistical Process Control processing, which ensures tight distribution and repeatability
  • Quality testing and evaluation
  • Drying, packaging, inventory, and private labeling services
  • R&D engineering services
  • Pilot line production

Contract Manufacturing