Fujimi Corporation’s Engineering team is responsible for transitioning R&D products into a high purity, high volume production environment. This responsibility includes managing projects, developing manufacturing process control systems, and providing technical support for new product introductions.


Fujimi Quality Assurance and Quality Control Leads the Industry

The Fujimi Quality Assurance and Quality Control team is committed to maintaining our high quality standards and has established well-defined QC and QA processes, systems and metrics to ensure we deliver products that meet or exceed our customers’ quality expectations. As part of this high quality commitment, Fujimi takes a ship-to-control philosophy with both raw materials and finished products to ensure the highest quality products.

  • Manage and complete Fujimi Corporation’s capital projects, including:
    • Installation of high purity manufacturing equipment and lines
    • Propose and complete approved energy conservation and sustainability projects
  • Manage Statistical Process Control (SPC) of in-process parameters, including:
    • Develop and maintain product’s control plan
    • Maintain product’s FMEA (Failure Mode Effects Analysis)
  • Assist in ensuring a safe work environment through design and implementation of engineering controls
  • Design systems and program controls for production’s automated manufacturing systems
  • Provide technical support for Purchasing, Sales and Customers



The Engineering team is committed to using the best-known methods and industry-leading tools, improving the Fujimi business model, and providing efficiencies for customers. This commitment can involve creating high-efficiency manufacturing lines, making continuous process improvements to reduce variations, or monitoring water and energy usage for sustainability and cost-savings.

Reduced costs

Increased repeatability

Improved work environment safety

Strengthened environmentally-friendly and sustainable operations

More efficient, high-quality, and high-volume product manufacturing