New Polishing Slurries for Plastic Eyewear

Fujimi Corporation is excited to announce the development of a new series of plastic lens polishing slurries.  The DPL 1200 series is comprised of compound slurries developed specifically for polishing CR-39 and polycarbonate lenses.  This series of slurries is formulated with a highly pure alumina particle with a unique suspension formulation, delivering superior surface quality and excellent removal rates.

Fujimi Corporation is capable of providing DPL 1200 with a range of particle sizes and properties, listed below, suited to fit your specific plastic lens applications.

  1. Particle size:  1 –  3um
  2. Baume:  21.5
  3. Surface roughness:  High
  4. Removal rate:  High

For more information about these products or to discuss your specific plastic lens polishing application, please contact us directly.


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