Introducing POLIPLA to the Americas

FUJIMI –Introducing POLIPLA to the Americas

Press Release Date: July 17, 2017

Fujimi is an independent slurry manufacturer with over 30 years of experience producing plastic lens polish for the European and Asian markets.  Fujimi is excited to announce that POLIPLA, a premium series of plastic lens slurries will be offered to the American markets.  Fujimi will launch POLIPLA at the International Vision Expo West trade show in Las Vegas on September 13, 2017.

POLIPLA is a high purity alumina polishing slurry developed especially for plastic lens.  It is available in a wide range to allow you to tailor the optimal solution for your specific needs.  Polipla delivers excellent polishing performance and a high quality finished surface. 

Features and Benefits:

·         Tightly controlled particle distribution ensures outstanding surface quality

·         Excellent suspension chemistries for consistent polishing

·         Improved lens clarity with reduced surface haze

·         Consistent Baumé throughout the life of the slurry

·         Easy mixing and fast clean-up helps to save time 

For more information about these products or to discuss your specific plastic lens polishing application, please contact us directly.


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