High Volume Manufacturing (HVM) for SiC Wafer Polishing Slurries in the US

Fujimi is a recognized leader in CMP polishing slurries and lapping solutions to the semiconductor market. Today, Fujimi would like to announce that we have established a HVM site for silicon carbide (SiC) wafer polishing slurries at our Tualatin, Oregon, USA facility. Leveraging our cumulative knowledge in research and development and expertise in precision manufacturing, Fujimi is enabling our customers to meet the challenges of polishing SiC substrate, which is extremely hard and brittle material, to a mirror finish.

Fujimi developed a series alumina and silica-based polishing slurries for SiC wafer polishing. COMPOL 202 SC is a specialized formulation for planarization and bulk removal with a high removal rate and smooth EPI ready finish. DSC 0902 was designed as a final polishing step. It produces an excellent EPI ready surface. Both slurries were formulated with non-acidic chemistries at near pH neutral. This may lead to an easy rinse step. Using both slurries together creates an ideal situation – higher throughput with outstanding surface finish.

To inquire about our SiC wafer polishing slurries, please contact us here.


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