High and Low Selectivity SiC(N) Slurry Development

Fujimi Corporation scientist, Hooi-Sung (Brian) Kim made a presentation on the development of high and low selectivity slurry for Silicon Carbonitride at the CAMP 2013 meeting held in Lake Placid, NY, August 12th, 2013.  The presentation highlighted both the development of the CMP slurry and the post-polish surface analysis on SiC(N) surfaces.  The entire development and analysis was done through a collaboration of Research and Development staff from both Fujimi Corporation and our parent company, Fujimi Incorporated.

Credits for development and analysis go to:

  • Fujimi Corporation:  Hooi-Sung (Brian) Kim, Fusayo Saeki, Brian Milligan, Anne Miller
  • Fujimi Incorporated:  Yasuyuki Yamato, Satoru Yarita, Yuuichi Watanabe, Tomohiko Akatsuka

The presentation material can be downloaded here.


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